"covid precautions"

 will be taking you directly to our relaxation room maintaining social distancing.

 soon after your  Therapist will come for you .

Update for Masks and showers

Lockers and Showers are reserved during this time for special bookings, in order for Social Distancing.

Robes & Locker Rooms

Due to social distancing, using our best efforts with trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We will not be using locker rooms unless you are doing multiple services for changing we will be taking you directly to your services,

where you will be provided a sanitized area for belongs and extra time to change and get comfortable. However, if you request a shower or a Robe kindly ask at booking so we can book accordingly

Thank you for understanding the changes made during Covid updated times to keep our Spa Covid Safe and cleansed properly between clients - for everyone's safety.

 Masks are optional for guests, hopefully, you have had your shot to protect yourself and others if not choosing to wear a mask