Lockers and Showers are reserved during this time for special group bookings,  for Social Distancing guidelines.

Thank you for understanding the changes made during this "New Normal" to keep our Spa Covid Safe and cleansed properly between clients - for everyone's safety.


Robes & Locker Rooms

Due to social distancing, using our best efforts with trying to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We will not be using locker rooms unless you are doing multiple services for changing we will be taking you directly to your services,

where you will be provided a sanitized area for belongs and extra time to change and get comfortable. However, if you request a shower or a Robe kindly ask at booking so we can book accordingly

Cancellation Policies - Please make any changes to your services, time, or type of service within 48 hours prior to your appointment.  We charge 100% of any missed appointments or same-day cancellations.


If you have Covid symptoms or are feeling ill we can add your booked services to a gift card to use at a later time.


80 MINUTES | $195 per person

110 minutes 280.00


(for 2 persons)

Couples $390.00 80 minutes

Couples 110 minutes $580..00


Relieve Stress, relax and enjoy the

Maui Signature Huna Treatment

The massage is the beginning of this beautiful treatment where you have a full body massage , and ending with the warm  oil scalp treatment , where we massage the oils into the scalp and neck area

total treatment time is 80 minutes combining the techniques for pure bliss relaxation. .

This flowing, nurturing, and relaxing form of Maui Signature massage,  designed to heal stress contained within and balance the heart, mind, and body.
One of our most popular treatments! Lie back and let us restore your inner peace.

We highly recommend

Acupuncture Treatments

call for details

Dr. David is experience and working

Ask about the hand , foot massage with Acupuncture 

its Amazing


50 MINUTES   |  $135.00

80 MINUTES   |  $180

110 MINUTES |  $240.00

Therapeutic massage combines aromatherapy Fiji scented oils.

Aromatherapy is helpful for many health conditions such as stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, insomnia and more.

The massage techniques used by the therapist combine different modalities, to meet the client's needs to release stress and relieve aches and pains.


50 MINUTES   |  $120

80 MINUTES   |  $155

110 MINUTES |  $240.00

relaxing no pressure massage 

The Swedish is a relaxation massage

. It is arguably the most well-known massages for relaxing.

100% soft relaxing  massage

Does not incorporate any other pressure



50 MINUTES   |  $120.00

         80 MINUTES   |  $155 .00    

110 MINUTES |  $240.00

This is our specialty full body massage, this massage incorporates relaxation with medium pressure

It is an experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Does not incorporate DEEP PRESSURE

Deep Tissue

50 MINUTES   |  $130

80 MINUTES   |  $165

110 MINUTES |  $260.00

Relax your mind and body while this deep tissue treatment warms and soothes the muscles, improves range of motion, and releases toxins that gather in tired, overworked muscles.



We work on a target area of concern 

50 MINUTES   |  $135

80 MINUTES   |  $175

110 MINUTES |  $225

Enjoy and unwind from heavy stress with a CBD Massage at Maui Spa.  During a CBD massage, we focus on a TARGET AREA of concern to alleviate stress, reduce pain and inflammation while relaxing the muscles. 


50 MINUTES   |  $135

80 MINUTES   |  $160

110 MINUTES |  $210

This form of massage is soothing and relaxing, helping the tight muscles release their toxins with heated basalt river stones.


These stones will be placed on specific pressure points of the spine. The heat from the stones radiates deep into the body to restore much-needed energy to tired, sore muscles.


50 MINUTES   |  $280.00

80 MINUTES   |  $320.00

110 MINUTES |  $420.00

Same room together during massage

Friends, lovers, mothers, and daughters, enjoy a massage for two in the luxury of our couple's suite.

*Cannot be booked online.

Please call the spa due to availability for couples rooms 




50 MINUTES   |  $130

80 MINUTES   |  $155

110 MINUTES |  $200

This relaxing Swedish massage is for expectant mothers. This light massage reduces stress, promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and nurtures you in this special time.


Specially designed pregnancy pillows cradle your abdomen and torso area giving you support and comfort.

please let us know what week or month-you are in at the time of booking.


two therapists working together on one person

50   MINUTES    |  $250.00

80   MINUTES    |  $320.00

110 MINUTES    |  $420.00

Enjoy the Signature Maui Massage by two therapists synchronizing movements to release pain and tension.

Massaging multiple parts of the body at once—especially the legs and arms—helps your blood circulate better, faster.

Cannot be booked online.

Please call the to book this service




50 MINUTES   |  $135

80 MINUTES   |  $160

Used in traditional Chinese therapy, Cupping Treatments ease and soothe pain and inflammation by loosening muscles and increasing the blood flow in the back and neck areas. 

The suction is proven to reduce stress, migraines, fatigue, and even cellulite and is not harmful. 

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment

The Hana Room is a co-ed shared common room and

 bathing suits are required.