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Welcome to the Heart and Soul of the Maui Spa & Wellness Center

Our Signature Hana Hydrotherapy Room


With Respecting the  "New Normal" safety guidelines

We have made changes to our use of Hana Room please call to book

{Cold plunge dipping pool is not in service at this time}

This space is designed for relaxation and includes 

Aromatherapy Steam Room, Infrared Sauna,

 Maui Swiss Showers, and Waterfall Deluge Showers

 Waterfall Deluge Showers- please be aware they are not heated purposely to make you feel like you are in natures wonders under a waterfall in Hawaii

The Hana Room is booked in 30 minute sessions. A Maui attendant will greet you with a warm Aloha and explain the experience, making sure you know where towels and drinking water are located. Whenever you are ready for the deluge shower, the spa attendant will assist and start it for you. 

This is a self service room, if you require assistance, kindly ask the spa attendant for guidance and they will assist you. Most people ask for privacy - and we strive to achieve customer satisfaction


The Hana Room is a Co-ed  experience and there can be up to 8 people at any given time.

For private use, kindly advise when booking and additional fees will apply.

Bathing suits are required.


Things to know:

Towels are located on the shelves when you enter the room - to the left and right of the entry door. 

Copper Tubs are available for an additional fee. They are very popular, so booking in advance is suggested.

The deluge shower is 30 gallons per minute! You can imagine yourself on  the island of Maui under a beautiful waterfall. This is operated by a spa attendant, so kindly ask for it to be turned on.

We encourage bridal parties, diva days , couples, and personal relaxation as a private booking.

Due to the "New Normal"  with Covid -19 booking is done on a individual needs call to book 

If you prefer a private experience for yourself or with a guest, kindly advise at time of booking.

Additional fee of $250.00  and up  per upon availability

Hana Hydrotherapy 




30 MINUTES $30.00

60 MINUTES $60.00

Private use 250.00


Our exclusive Hana Hydrotherapy Room ​

includes: Aromatherapy Steam Room, Infrared Sauna, The Maui Swiss Showers, Waterfall Deluge Showers

Cold Plunge dipping tub is  not in use during this time , due to the

Covid-19 regulations

"New Normal "


The Hana Room is a co-ed, common room and bathing suits are required.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment

The Hana Room is a co-ed common room and bathing suits are required.