Nail Treatments

Start the relaxation with an aromatherapy customized soak.

After a clean, file and shine, your hands are then massaged, placed in warmed mitts.

The treatment is finished with a nail polish application.


Start the relaxation with an aromatherapy foot soak of your choice.

Incorporating the natural healing benefits of pure honey in our organic sugar scrub, will leave your skin revitalized and soft.

After nail and cuticle care, your lower legs and feet are lavished with our signature lotion into a relaxing massage.

The treatment is finished with the polish of your choice.


Manicure and Pedicure during your lunch break!

Soak feet, shape nails, groom cuticles, mini massage and finish with your favorite color.


A perfect remedy for dehydrated or overworked hands

Enjoy the Maui manicure with the addition of a customized hydrating vitamin E lotion and a nourishing paraffin infusion.

A highly effective treatment at restoring the skin for a youthful and healthy appearance.


A perfect remedy for chapped or dehydrated feet.

Enjoy the Maui pedicure with the addition of a customized hydrating vitamin E lotion and a nourishing paraffin infusion.

A highly effective treatment at restoring the skin for a youthful and healthy appearance.


This indulgent treatment for your feet is rich in antioxidants and will leave even the roughest feet feeling soft and smooth.

Included is our exclusive organic chocolate exfoliation, hydrating foot mask and ending with a dreamy foot massage and polish.


Experience the most luxurious pedicure ever created.

You begin with a soothing aromatherapy foot soak to soften skin and relieve stress.

Your feet are thoroughly exfoliated to remove roughness, dryness and dead skin.

Then warm stones are used to massage calves' and feet, rubbing out tension and fatigue.


Treat yourself to this luxurious pedicure treatment. Enjoy a warm aromatherapy footbath to soothe tired and stressed feet followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub.

A moisturizing mask and an incredible foot and leg massage with a rich pineapple butter cream will make your feet and toes feel completely rejuvenated.

Complete this comfort treatment with the polish of your choice. A relaxing and luxurious pedicure.


This treatment provides a deep penetrating aromatherapy heat that soothes achy muscles and joints while promoting circulation.

It will leave your hands and feet perfectly moisturized and hydrated.

Using self-contained gloves makes this treatment perfectly safe and sanitary.


Peppermint aromatherapy brings wonderful benefits for stress relief and general wellness.

Indulge in this cool, refreshing treatment, with a therapeutic peppermint foot soak, our peppermint sugar scrub, nail and cuticle care, extended foot and calves' massage with aromatherapy oils to target sore achy muscles.

This pedicure will leave your feet feeling smooth and refreshed.

Conclude with a polish of your choice.


Treat your hands & feet to an Exotic relaxing Island Manicure & Pedicure. Warmed Coconut Milk softens the hands & feet while the Coconut aroma transports you off to a distant, Island Paradise. Organic cane sugar infused with Exotic nut oils from Fiji are used gently to exfoliate and reveal the youthful skin beneath. A vitamin rich Butter is then applied to the hands & feet and wrapped in warmth for the ultimate hydration. To conclude, an application of warmed Exotic oils are massaged into the lower legs to release tension and fatigue. You and your hands & feet are now ready for your own Exotic Adventure.


14-day wear!

Zero dry time, mirror finish, no nicks, chips or smudges


Other Prices:

  • Gel Polish Removal - $15
  • Nail Art - $2 (per)
  • Child Mani/Pedi (2 to 9) - $30
  • Polish Change Regular - $10
  • Polish Change French - $15
  • Tween Pedicure (10 to 13) - $30
  • Tween Manicure/Pedicure (10 to 13) - $40

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