You haven't had a massage… until you've had a massage at the Maui Spa. All massage treatments may be enjoyed in 25, 50, 80 and 110 minute increments. Your choice of the Maui's signature oil, natural unscented oil, or lotion may be applied.

**You may add you favorite aromatherapy to any massage for a $15 charge.**

New at The Maui Spa

Bamboo Fusion Massage is a form of massage along with benefits of relaxing, soothing heat. Since bamboo is a natural element (wood) one can experience invigorating/relaxing energy from it

The bamboo is heated and is used to roll and knead away aches and pains, from stress and repetitive movements.

The bamboo pieces are hand-crafted and shaped to glide smoothly over the body with oil or cream

The Benefits of Bamboo Massage:

  • Relieves muscle & tendon tightness
  • Promotes an extreme sensation of relaxation & well-being
  • Revitalizes and regenerates aching/tired muscles.

Signature Maui Treatment

A delight for your entire body and senses! We start this lavish treatment with a Shirodhara, gently pouring warm herbal oil on the "Third Eye" to quiet the mind and restore inner calm and balance followed by a scalp message. Next, your body is treated to a Lomi Lomi massage. This flowing, nurturing and deep form of Hawaiian massage is designed to heal stress contained within and balance the heart, mind and body. We finish with Reflexology, a relaxing form of natural healing that invloves specific pressure points of the feet that all body organs are connected to.

One of our most popular treatments! Lie back and let us restore your inner peace.

$125 (50 mins) • $170 (80 mins) • $215 (110 mins)

Aromatherapy combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage. The oils, which come from plants, are highly concentrated and very powerful. Essential oils possess natural healing properties - without harmful side-effects.

Aromatherapy is helpful for many health conditions such as stress, anxiety, headaches, fatigue, insomnia and more. The massage techniques used by the therapist combine different modalities, so as to meet the client's needs to release stress and relieve aches and pains.

(Japanese Back Walk)

$120 (50 mins) • $160 (80 mins - highly recommended)

This traditional Japanese healing method will send you on a journey to relaxation, tension release and inner peace.

We use firm pressure and stretching along your energy channels to relieve stress and re-energize your entire body. With the support of ceiling bars the therapist will use their body weight to apply pressure with their feet along the meridians of your body. Reaching deeper layers of muscle, allowing the release of more tension.

This is our specialty massage that is a combination of Swedish, acupressure, and reflexology.

It is an experience that will keep you coming back for more.

This flowing, nurturing and deep form of Hawaiian massage is based on an ancient, shamantic rite of passage that was originally designed to enlighten the being in the physical body.

A complete system of hands-on healing that includes flowing forearm techniques used to "rub out" stress contained within and balance the heart, mind and body.


Relax your mind and body while this deep tissue treatment warms and soothes the muscles, improves range of motion and releases toxins that gather in tired, overworked muscles


The Swedish is arguably the most well known massage. This is a classic European massage that uses a system of long strokes, kneading and friction.

Swedish massage can help the body remove toxins, deliver nutrients to tissues and cells more efficiently, and recover from strains and trauma more quickly.

(Hot Stone)

Soothing and relaxing, this form of massage helps tight muscles release their toxins

Traditional strokes of Swedish massage will be applied with birgin coconut oil to heated basalt river stones. These stones will be placed on specific pressure points of the spine. The heat from the stones radiates deep into the body to restore much needed energy to tired, sore muscles.


This relaxing Swedish massage is for expectant mothers.

A specially formulated blend of cocoa butter and vitamin E is applied to the body with a soothing touch. This light massage reduces stress, promotes relaxation, increases circulation, and nurtures you in this special time.

Specially designed pregnancy pillows, cradle your abdomen and torso area giving you support and comfort (Allowed only in the second and third trimester)


Drift into relaxation as the stretching movements of this massage begin to balance your body's energy by stretching muscle groups and relieving pressure points.

This type of massage is instrumental in helping to restore your natural healing process.

(Two by Two)

Friends, lovers, mothers and daughters, enjoy a massage for two in the luxury of our couples suite.

Choose from any of our massage techniques while lying side by side

-The Huna Treatment is $340 in the couple's suite

They say four eyes are better than two – that goes for hands too!

Enjoy the Maui Massage with double the pleasure.

A relaxing form of natural healing that involves massaging specific pressure points of the feet that all body organs are connected to.

Improves circulation, releases tension and promotes positive health.


In this holistic treatment our trained therapist will guide you into the energy realm of the body for a renewed sense of well-being.

Universal energy will flow and unblock any stagnate and clogged energy throughout the entire body.

Reiki is known to work miracles and have profound healing results by restoring proper energy flow.

Shirodhara is an ancient therapy used for centuries to restore inner calm and balance. This is a perfect way to rejuvenate one's body and soul.

The treatment begins with gently pouring warm herbal oil on the "Third Eye" to quiet the mind and soothe the senses. With an intense scalp and foot massage you are sure to walk out feeling clear headed, calm and restored.

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