Corporate Events

Bring the day spa experience to your Corporate Event, Employee Appreciation, Recognition or Wellness Event with corporate spa parties and massages in your office – perfect for office parties, corporate event planning and employee health and wellness or enjoy a short spa retreat at our 7000 square foot state-of-the-art Spa.

It makes good business sense! According to the Bureau of Labor and Industries, companies emphasizing employee health and wellness perform better. Our corporate Day Spa services offered by The Maui Spa & Wellness Center are designed to help individuals maintain a balance in a world that is increasingly out-of-balance. Companies that have offered weekly fifteen-minute massages for employees have noted decreased complaints of headache, back strain, and fatigue. Employers who offer massage services to employees also report lowered turn-over rates.


Corporate Spa Packages


A study done by the Touch Research Institute at The University of Miami indicates that after massage, research subjects demonstrate enhanced alertness and performance. Massage and spa services have also been shown to reduce anxiety and fatigue in high-stress jobs.

The American Institute for Stress estimates that one million workers are absent from their jobs each day because of stress. Stress costs US industries more than $300 billion.

The Maui Spa & Wellness Center delivers stress-reducing, work-enhancing massage and spa services to your workplace. Add The Maui Spa & Wellness Center to your list of employee benefits. Reward employees for a job well done with a Gift of Aloha. We'll design a corporate wellness program that's ideal for your workplace.

Call 561-395-7733 or email to see how we can improve your employees' productivity and performance.

Corporate Spa parties at The Maui Spa & Wellness Center or at your office are available.

Spa parties make great office parties for many different occasions. Celebrate a new client, welcome your new CEO, ring in the New Fiscal Year, or reward your team for an outstanding performance with a Spa Party. We can customize a package for you at our 7000 square foot facility, where you can have a yoga class or lunch on the rooftop or we can bring a bit of Aloha… to your office.

Custom designed for your business. The Maui Spa Parties are also great for:

  • Employee Team Building
  • Holiday Parties
  • Employee Recognition
  • Merger Parties
  • Going-Away Parties
  • Record Sales
Corporate Events

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We accept Maui Gift Cards for services, we do not accept any other gift cards including Spa Finders, Spa Wish, Visa, American Express Gift Cards

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